• Stay Fit Even in the Work Place!


    Everyone struggles with staying fit and healthy these days, but 8 hour work days in offices or cubicles can make that struggle ten times worse. Neighbors has some suggestions that will not only help you stay fit, you can also avoid long term physical and health issues just by doing these few simple things for a little bit everyday at work.

  • Gadgetry, Anyone?

    “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.” –– Neil deGrasse Tyson Using technology can be the best way to power through a tough workout. Here are some of the most fun and effective goodies that will get you where you need to go: The IriverOn wireless headphones deliver incredible sound and monitor your…
  • Tips to Eat Healthy After the Holidays

    NEC_EatingHealthy The New Year is here and after all that not-so-healthy holiday food, most people feel it is necessary to add: “Lose weight/Eat healthier” to their new year’s resolutions. The good news is: you don’t have to dive into your diet all at once; in fact, experts recommend easing into healthier eating habits by making small…
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