Stay Fit Even in the Work Place!


Everyone struggles with staying fit and healthy these days, but 8 hour work days in offices or cubicles can make that struggle ten times worse. You can also avoid long term physical and health issues just by doing these few simple things for a little bit everyday at work. Neighbors has some suggestions that will help you stay fit.

Firstly, snacking at work is almost everyone’s biggest pitfall. From candy to chips to stopping at the vending machine periodically, that all day snacking can add up to weight gain very quickly. Instead of snacking on that Snickers bar or bag of Doritos, keep fruit in the office fridge or a pack of trail mix or mixed nuts nearby.


These are great snacks that will also provide energy when you need it most. They can even help you eliminate coffee from your daily routine as there is more usable energy in an apple than in a cup of coffee.


The worst part of office work for your body is sitting in a chair all day. This can lead to low back problems and TMS or worse. Ways to mitigate these issues include getting a lumbar support for your chair or even replacing it with a yoga exercise ball.

This will also help you strengthen your abs in addition to your back muscles! In this same realm of thought, you can keep free weights beneath your desk and do reps while on the phone or any time your hands are free. If you don’t have free weights, you can use water bottles!

Simple exercises to do at work include calf raises. Any time your legs start to feel restless, stand up and do some calf raises. You can even do them while waiting in line or in a meeting if you happen to be standing. This goes along with the importance of stretching throughout the work day.


From spinal rotations in your chair to standing up and stretching as tall as you can, just 5 – 10 minutes of stretching per hour can reduce the risk of blood clots and muscle deterioration.


These simple tips will help any office work day go by more quickly, but also keep you engaged, energetic, and healthy. You can even do in chair exercises like leg lifts and isometric strength training if you really want to to do so!

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