Family Fitness & Fun at the Houston Zoo

houston-zooThere’s nothing quite like the Houston zoo in the summer! The African lions basking in the sun, the majestic sea turtles having their first morning swim, the funny chimpanzees leaping from branch to branch…

But how do you avoid crowds of people, terrible sunburn, and that disappointing moment when your kids realize that the leopards are behind a giant rock, having their afternoon nap? The solution is getting up early. When the zoo first opens at 9 am, hardly anyone is there and the sun is warm, but not overwhelming. You’ll be especially glad you got up early when you see the look on your kids’ faces as they watch the elephants have their breakfast!

Don’t forget to stay healthy this summer by using plenty of sunscreen whenever you stay outdoors. At the zoo, take an ice cream break and have everyone in the family apply a new batch of sunscreen. Hydrate throughout the day, and don’t forget to eat some fruits and veggies to keep up your energy.

The zoo is a great place to increase your overall family fitness. With plenty of walking and extra activities, you’ll get a great workout for your legs without even noticing. The Houston zoo also has a unique Zoo Yoga program for kids and adults to enjoy, as well as a fabulous water park for cooling off in the sun!

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