• Enjoy the Holidays with Food Allergies


    Thanksgiving has passed and now that the holiday season is in full-swing, prepare yourself for more gatherings and even more food. Creamy dips, cheesy casseroles and homemade sweets will likely be on the menu, but what can guests with food allergies enjoy? Adults and children alike suffer from food allergies and this can lead to…

  • Put Those Holiday Leftovers to Work


    Let’s admit it. Leftovers have it pretty rough. They sit around in the refrigerator for days after their debut, and they usually get pushed to the side and forgotten about until it’s too late and they end up in the garbage. The holidays are prime time for leftovers because of all the parties. Now, instead of throwing out all of that delicious food, here are some exciting recipes to turn those leftovers into crowd-pleasing dishes.

  • Healthier Ingredients for Healthier Meals

    Have you been wanting to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? We recommend starting with the basics: cooking with healthier ingredients. We have compiled a list of 5 commonly used ingredients that can be substituted with a healthy counterpart. Butter or sugar can be substituted with applesauce especially when baking because it adds…
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