Healthier Grilled Cheese!


On average, a grilled cheese sandwich has 410 calories and 18 grams of fat per serving. Add butter to the equation and those numbers only rise. Here are a few tips to make that sandwich less fatty and more guilt-free:

  • Choose a cheese with more flavor! Even if you love American cheese, alternatives like Cheddar and blue cheese give you more kick. The upside? You can use less and cut fat and calories in the process.
  • Add other ingredients to the sandwich, like salsa or mashed beans. There’s a world of opportunity for your taste buds, you just have to know where to find it. Spinach and chopped onions is a delicious addition to any cheesy sandwich, too.
  • White bread gets the job done, but what about whole-grain? It’s full of fiber and has a crunchier crust when grilled.
  • Is butter really better? Try adding your favorite low-fat spread to the sandwich. This will still give you that same buttery texture without the added fat and calories.

Neighbors would love to know how you spice up or cheese down your sandwich creations! Share all of your tips, tricks, and secrets in the comments bar below.

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