Which is Better? Running or Walking?

If you are looking to get into shape by starting a running or walking program, you may be wondering which cardio exercise is better for you. Both running and walking are great ways to lose weight and achieve overall health, but if you are looking to attain certain fitness goals, one activity might better for you than the other.

Get Running

When most people decide they want to lose weight or get into shape, they start running. There is no doubt that running is great exercise and you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to do it. Just invest in a good pair of running shoes

get running

that will help prevent injuries, and you will be on your way. Studies have shown that running is the better exercise for weight loss, because people expend two and a half times more energy than walking. This means that a 160 pound person can burn around 800 calories an hour while running. In contrast, walking only burns about 300 calories an hour. Another study shows that running controls our appetite hormones better than walking. Just remember, there is more risk for injuries when you run, including runner’s knee, hamstring strains, and shin splints.

Walk it Off

If you prefer to take things slow, or an injury prevents you from running, you can still get a great workout from walking. You can walk at a brisk pace (4 mph) while using hand and ankle weights. This is comparable to jogging at 5 mph without the added weight.

walking exercise

If you’re walking on a treadmill, raise your incline periodically to burn more calories. If you prefer to walk outdoors, try to pick an area where there is variation in the terrain like hills and inclines.

You Can’t Lose

No matter which workout you choose, you will be getting into shape and achieving better health. Regular cardio can give you more energy, boost your mood, and help you lose or maintain a healthy weight.


Make sure to consult your physician or medical practitioner before beginning any exercise regimen. Here’s to sitting less and moving more!

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