Great Reasons to Work Out Besides Losing Weight

Most people start an exercise or fitness program because they want to lose weight. This is a good motivator, but it really shouldn’t be the only reason you work out. At some point, you may hit a plateau or reach your weight loss goal. There are so many other benefits from exercising on a regular basis, and keeping these in the back of your mind might help you stay motivated longer.

Self-Esteem Booster

For years, studies have shown that exercise can help depression. When you exercise, endorphins are released, which trigger positive feelings and dull the perception of pain. That’s where the term “runner’s high” comes from.


You may not be a runner just yet, but even the intention of working out makes us feel better about ourselves. Once we set the intention to work out, we get a self-esteem boost. If we actually get to the gym or lace up our running shoes and log in some miles or complete those sets, our self-esteem goes up even more. Accomplishing any goal increases our confidence and we are more likely to stick with it.  Increased confidence leads to all over good feelings, and you can’t have enough of those.

Better Sleep

Have you ever noticed when you exercise you are usually pretty tired at the end of the day? Studies show that people who work out sleep better and get more quality sleep. Cardio also seems to help people sleep better than just a strength training session.


The time of day you work out seems to have an impact too. This study showed that an afternoon workout was better than a morning workout for quality and longer sleep.

More Brain Power

Walking, running, or cycling for 30 minutes can improve problem-solving capabilities and increase reaction time. Since most people have high-stress jobs and busy lives, being able to react and solve problems quicker and better is invaluable.


On the other side, high-intensity interval training can have the opposite effect and can cause extreme physical fatigue and slow down your reactions. Moderate aerobic exercise works the best.

Losing weight is usually the first reason people start an exercise program, but working out for overall health and wellness can help you stay with it longer, especially when you reach your weight loss goals.

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