Pumpkin Patch, Weekend fun!

When the wind gets cooler and you’re wearing your favorite fall sweater, it’s time to hunt for the perfect pumpkin! Bring the whole family along and have everyone choose a pumpkin of their own.

To select the perfect pumpkin, feel the pumpkin in your hand. If it feels heavy, firm, and has consistent coloring, it’s ripe for the carving! Make sure the pumpkin is free of wrinkles, cuts, mold or soft spots that give under the pressure of your thumb. Those are signs that the pumpkin may already be spoiled. Look for a sturdy, well attached stem. The greener it is, the fresher your pumpkin will be. Lastly, place your pumpkin on a flattened area to make sure that it will stand upright after it has been carved.

Pumpkin Patch, Weekend fun
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