5 Exercises to Get Ski and Snowboard Ready


1. Toy Soldiers

If you’re going skiing or snowboarding, it’s always a good idea to loosen your hamstrings. To start, stand up straight with your left arm out to your side at shoulder height. Without bending your knee, kick your right leg while extending your left arm out in front of you to touch your toe. Repeat with the left leg and right arm. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps on each side, alternating legs, moving forward with a step in between each kick.

2. Step-Ups

Snowboarding and skiing are leg sports so it’s crucial to strengthen your quads. Using a box, step, or chair place your right foot on the flat surface. Step your left leg to meet your right leg by pushing into your right foot and using the muscles in the right leg to propel you. Step down with the left and then the right. Repeat with alternating turns of left and right. A rewarding workout will consist of 3 sets of 10-12 reps per leg.

3. Physioball Hamstring Curl

This exercise is designed specifically for hamstring strength. If you have a physioball, lay with your back on the floor and your legs resting on the ball. Draw the ball in with your legs until your knees are bent and your back is arched. This should be done in a sequence of three sets of 10-12 repetitions.
4. Planks and Side Planks

One of the most important areas needed for downhill sports is the core. For planks, rest on your forearms in a pushup position and use your abs and glutes to hold your frame so that your hips and shoulders are aligned. For side planks, start similarly to regular planks and roll your body to one hand and raise the other or place it on your hip. Ideally this should be done on in three sets (per front or per side) for 30-60 seconds apiece.

5. Supermans

This workout is perfect for strengthening the lower back. If you’re preparing to hit the slopes after a long work week, this is a great exercise to prevent soreness after a ski day on the mountain.

Start by lying on your stomach on the floor with your arms stretched above your head. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs off the ground and be careful not to apply pressure to your neck. Hold for several seconds and return to a resting position.

If these exercises are new, take it slowly. Work up gradually to a level that is challenging and safe for you. Consult your Neighbors doctor if you have concerns about your workout or if you have an injury due to physical strain. With these moves, you’ll be ready get on those skis in no time!

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