6 Water Workouts

Who says the best workouts happen on land? You can tone and build your muscles through water workouts. From your legs, to your core, you can get your heart rate up, and burn some calories doing these simple underwater exercies. Remember to do these exercises on the shallow end of the pool in about 4 feet of water.


Jog in place

Once you’re situated in the pool, begin jogging in place. Bring your knees as high up as they can go, and pump your arms in the water. Do this for about two minutes straight.


This exercise is great for your abs and shoulders. Rest your arms on the edge of the pool (or on a pool noodle) and make a pedalling motion with your legs. For a more intense core workout lean back further.

Double Leg Lift

Lean on the edge of the pool and bring your legs together. Lower your legs straight down before bringing them back up as high as you can raise them. The resistance of the water makes you focus on controlling your body, adding to the difficulty.


Flutter Kick

Hold onto the ledge of the pool (or paddleboard) with your arms extended, and your stomach facing down. Kick your legs rapidly behind you as fast as you can. This will create quite a splash, but for a better workout focus on keeping your legs underwater.

Noodle Plank

Begin by holding your noodle in front of you, and push your body down until you are in a plank position. Hold this, while trying to keep your body in a straight line. Although you may find this difficult to do on land, when you’re in the pool, the water helps support your weight.


Squat Jumps

Place a wide gap between your feet about hip width apart and squat down. Next, explosively jump out of the water.The deeper the squat the more intense your workout will be.

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