Fast Food on the Brain


Did you know that just five days of eating junk food in a row can deteriorate your memory? That’s the news from recent Australian research. Rats fed a high fat diet versus rats fed a normal diet were less likely to have recall of the location of items.

In 2011, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that healthy people fed a diet of fast food for five straight days were less likely to do well on cognitive tests as opposed to their original scores reported.

Although it’s not proven, scientists suggest that memory problems are due to inflammation in the brain, especially around the hippocampus—the area associated with memory and special recognition. Damage to this area of the brain can lead to confusion of hunger and fullness cues, leading to weight gain and obesity.

In short, eat healthy! If just a few days can hurt the memory to this degree, imagine the effects of a poor diet over the course of years! Try to incorporate as many fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins in your diet as possible.

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