Ditch Your Diet Drink

On a daily basis, many people try and make smarter choices that are more beneficial to our overall state of health. An example of this is the choice to drink diet soda, and avoid the extra 140 calories or so that comes along with the common sugary soft drink. However, there is more to consider when choosing drinks with the substitution of artificial sweeteners. The overall effects of incorporating diet drinks into your daily consumption can do more harm than good.

The artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks have the same effects on our bodies as sugar. It triggers insulin, which causes your body to store excessive fat, leading to weight gain. Artificial sweeteners also have a more intense flavor than real sugar. As a result, our senses can get dull, and naturally sweet foods, like fruit, seem less fulfilling.

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Although diet soda is calorie free, that does not mean that it will help aid you if your ultimate goal is weight loss. In fact, research has shown that diet soda drinkers are more likely to increase in weight circumference in comparison with people who do not drink diet sodas.

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This is due to multiple reasons, including the psychological assumption that because you are consuming a diet drink with no calories you are more justified in indulging in unhealthy foods.

Finally it’s also important to note that just because you are drinking a diet soda with zero calories, does not mean you are adding any nutritional value to your body. You are avoiding a calorie count based on sugar, but you are not filling your body up with the nutrients it needs. The best zero-calorie drink to consume is water.

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It is essential for our bodies, and adds positive value to your overall health. If you are craving for some added flavor, mix some fruit into your water. Or, if you want that soda fizziness you love, try sparkling water.

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