Benefits of Yoga


Practicing yoga has a variety of benefits, including better sleep and overall sense of well-being. It tones your body and helps with your outlook as well. Here are just a few of many ways that yoga can benefit you:

1. Boost Immunity

Studies suggest that yoga practice increases immunity at a cellular level, and quickly, too. There are reports that these changes happen immediately while practicing yoga. Want to feel better? Get on the mat and try a few simple moves, such as the Sun Salutation or the Warrior.

2. Sleep Better

The quality of your sleep is commonly linked with the amount of stress you currently feel. Researchers from Harvard have found that daily yoga significantly improved the sleep of individuals suffering from insomnia. Cancer survivors also benefit from this practice, with research showing that yoga reduces the feeling of fatigue throughout the day and more restful sleep.

3. Ease Migraines

Although there are several contributing factors to the cause of migraines, yoga has been shown to relive symptoms with regular practice. Try the Bridge Pose for pain relief in the neck, shoulders, and head.

4. Fight Food Cravings

Yoga strengthens the mind-body connection, so there is no surprise that it will also bring awareness to your eating habits. Meals can be particularly challenging for some individuals, but research suggests that practicing yoga can influence the mind to slow down and consider better options for the body.

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