5 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Body

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! We know you’re going to give your friends and family tons of love, but why not channel that into yourself as well? Show your body how much you love it, by taking care of it. Check out these 5 simple ways you can take care of yourself on a daily basis.


Drink clean filtered water- and lots of it!

The best way to drink your water is at room temperature or warm. That way your body doesn’t use excess energy warming it up. As a result the water you drink will be more hydrating and beneficial to your body. Staying well hydrated is key to your health. After all, our bodies are made up of 75% water!


Spending time meditating each day can do wonders for your mind, and your body! You can meditate for as little as one minute, all the way up to an hour! Focus on your breathing, and emptying your mind. Remember, thoughts may come and go as you meditate, and that’s fine! Just acknowledge them, and let them slip away!


Skip the Sugar

Sugary drinks can become something we reach for without even thinking. From soda, to artificial juices, they are all around us. However, these drinks are filled with an excess amount of sugar that can end up dragging you down, and negatively affecting your body. A solution is to drink healing herbal tea instead. Teas are filled with tons of antioxidants, and can be very satisfying. They come in multiple flavors and are refreshing both hot, and cold.

Enjoy Exercise

Sometimes when we think of exercise, we take it to the extreme. We imagine running full force on a treadmill, or doing an insane amount of sit-ups and push-ups. Remember, low-key exercise is just as beneficial to your body! Enjoy a walk in nature, do yoga, or simply stretch for a bit before bed. All of these will cause endorphins to surface, making you happier, and boost your immune system!

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