To be, or not to be? Vegetarian Lifestyle Tips

The idea of living life without meat, and embracing a full diet of veggies has become widespread over the past few years. The option of being a vegetarian has become more embraced, with options for dining out, and grocery shopping expanding more each day. Perhaps you want to give this lifestyle choice a go, or maybe even integrate it into your routine to cut out a bit of your meat consumption. But some questions might still stand in your mind. What are you supposed to eat? Will you feel full? Contrary to popular belief there are amazing meals and tricks that can make all your meatless meals just as satisfying.

Embrace alternate sources of protein. Many of our favorite meals are protein packed, but being a vegetarian does not mean you have to give that up. Try substituting meat with tofu. Tofu is a great option, and when cooked correctly the myths about it’s bland taste, and  unappealing texture will fade away. 

alternate sources of protein

When seasoned well and paired with bold, delicious flavors, tofu adds a hearty element to any dish. You can also prepare it so the texture is to your liking. For a delicious crunch, sear or grill it for a crust, or if you want softness use it in soup.

Don’t be afraid to use fat. When you are cooking beef, chicken, or any meat of the like, the fat makes everything juicy, and brings flavor to the dish. You can use this same tactic when making your veggies. Add butter or coconut oil when you are cooking to bring out delicious flavors. The same is true for adding nuts to your salads, or drizzling flavored oils on your soups.

Don’t be afraid to use fat

Build up your flavors. In the same way a you would create a caramelized crust on your steak to lock in the flavors, try roasting your veggies. Throw them in a pan with butter or oil, like we mentioned above, and let them get a deep brown crust. Crank up the heat and your veggies will be crispy and delicious with flavor from the inside out. Be sure to watch your veggies closely. It only takes seconds for them to go from golden brown, to blackened.

Get colorful

Get colorful! With delicious veggie dishes, the more the merrier. Add together everything colorful you can find from bright pink radishes and deep red tomatoes, to lusciously green kale. Veggies bring a pop of color that meat will never surpass. 

Not only does this make your dish healthier, but the plate will become more appealing to your eyes, and satisfy you even more when you eat. Be sure to look for in-season produce when you are shopping at the store for the best results.

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