Lose Weight Without Eating Less


Diets rarely work. It can take superhuman will not to cheat, and those who fight the urge spend their days hungry, unhappy, and occasionally unhealthy. So instead of embarking on yet another doomed crusade of calorie counting and self-deprivation, just make these easy changes to your eating habits. You’ll lose weight without all the guilt and misery of a diet. And, most importantly, you’ll keep it off.

Eat Breakfast. Various studies have found that most people who successfully lose weight eat breakfast almost every day. Eating breakfast will make sure you aren’t hungry later on in the day and will keep you from unhealthy snacking or eating too much at meals. Just make sure it’s a healthy breakfast—oatmeal and fruit, not donuts or bacon.

Eat whole grains. They’ll fill you up faster, and they’re healthier, too.

Eat more small meals. You’ve heard this one before, but it works. Eat smaller portions throughout the day instead of having two or three big meals. For example, snack on fruit, which is filling but healthy and will keep you from bingeing during larger meals.

Eat slowly. It takes time for your stomach to tell your brain it’s full, which means you’re likely to overeat without realizing it. Eat slowly to give your brain time to recognize your stomach’s signals. And when you feel full, stop eating.

Drink water. Studies have found that water will help you lose weight. Plus it will keep you from drinking sugary drinks, which add pounds without making you any less hungry.

Also make time for exercise, which is a necessary part of any weight loss strategy. And remember that Neighbors offers great 24 hour emergency service in Houston and Austin, so you can get the medical help you deserve whenever you need it.

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