Get your Noodle Fix- Without the Noodles

Let’s face it- even though pasta is oh so delicious, it’s not always the best carb to be constantly eating. Delicious pasta dishes like spaghetti with meatballs and fettuccine alfredo can have an outrageous calorie count, and enough carbs to satisfy our bodies for a week. So how do we indulge sans all the guilt? Try these clever low calorie alternatives that taste just like the real thing!

Beetroot Ravioli

This delicious dish has a earthy taste that comes from marinating the beets in olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. For extra flavor let your beets marinate overnight. The cashew cream in the middle has a light and airy cream cheese density.


This dish is extremely flavorful with onion powder, chives, parsley, and creamed throughout.

Clean Vegan Pad Thai

The star of this dish is the delicious peanut sauce made from combining peanut butter, rice vinegar, tomato paste, soy sauce, and chili flakes. The “pasta” is made from spiralizing zucchini. You can also just peel a zucchini into ribbons yourself with a vegetable peeler or mandolin. The zucchini and peanut butter sauce make an excellent combination because the zucchini soaks up all the sauce without becoming heavy or soggy. Top this dish off with peanuts, avocado, cilantro and lime, and dig in!

Raw Butternut Squash Pasta with Orange Pomegranate Sauce

In this recipe the squash steps in to replace the traditional pasta. Spiralize the squash, or use a food processor to break the squash into thin pieces. When using this method the squash will have the look and feel of coleslaw. The sauce consist of pomegranates, navel oranges, nutmeg and cinnamon. Ground it all up in the food processor and top off your squash!

Skinny Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This mac ‘n’ cheese calls for a special type of noodle. The shirataki noodles are made from a certain type of yam and have a delicious and chewy texture. These noodles are low-calorie and low-carb.


Combined with almond milk, and low fat cottage cheese and cheddar cheese your tastebuds will love this recipe. Be sure to add a veggie or a large salad to this meal to round it out.

Mexican Black Bean Spaghetti

Black bean spaghetti is gluten-free and goes excellent with bold Mexican flavors. In this recipe the pasta is topped off with corn, lime wedges, cilantro, garlic, and salt to taste. There are no set proportions with this recipe, so add on a little more of your favorites, or add in optional additions like garlic salt, or hot sauce.


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