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Ever feel like you just can’t focus? You might be able to fix that just by changing your diet. Eating right can help you focus better and think faster both today and twenty years from now. Here are some of the best brain foods.

Caffeine. Unsurprisingly, caffeine increases your short term alertness and helps you focus. It may also increase your mental abilities in the long term, too. Just remember not to consume too much.

Fish. Especially salmon. Fish is rich in a particular kind of fatty acid that assists neuron connections in your brain. Studies suggest it can lower the risk of memory loss and even dementia and stroke as we age.

Whole grains. One way to stay sharp as you age is to keep plaque from building up in your arteries and veins. This will keep blood flowing to the brain regularly and keep your brain functioning at maximum capacity. Whole grains will help to keep plaque out of your blood vessels.

Avocado. Avocado will also help prevent plaque buildup. Avocado also has key vitamins and mineral, fiber, and protein, so you should be eating it anyway.

Blueberries. Recent studies have discovered many, many health benefits of eating blueberries. One of them is prevention of free radical damage, which will slow mental decline.

Breakfast. People who regularly eat breakfast demonstrate better short term memory and mental performance throughout the day than those who don’t. But keep it healthy—whole grain cereal, perhaps with some avocado or blueberries.

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