A Grocery List Can Encourage Healthy Eating

There are many different things one can do when cultivating a healthy lifestyle. Diet changes and exercise are certainly an important part of it. Yet one of the simplest things you can do to encourage a healthy mind and body is to go to the grocery store armed with a list each and every time.

Having a list means you will be less likely to stray from the plan and grab all of those tempting impulse items that stores are so good at getting consumers to buy. It also means that you will probably have a nice variety of things listed, leading to more balanced and thought-out eating plan.

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Choose My Plate outlines a three-step plan to help maximize your success.

1. Create a grocery plan.

Before you ever leave the house, plan your list. Outline the meals you want to have, making sure you cover all the healthy basics. Be realistic with your list, as well. Give yourself a little wiggle room for treats–healthy treats–so you’re not tempted to run to the vending machine at work or school.

2. Shop smart to fill your cart.

There are plenty of places to shop: grocery stores, Farmer’s Markets, and more. Decide where your money will go the furthest depending on which item you are purchasing. When shopping in a grocery store, learn the aisles to make it easier to zone in on the items on your list.

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Once you know where your usual things are located, there’ll be less temptation to drift to the cookie aisle.

3. Prepare healthy meals.

When planning, design meals that are feasible for your family to prepare, given your schedule. If you work outside the home, prep as much as you can in advance on the weekends so your weeknights aren’t a stressful rush.

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With good planning, you’ll be less likely to throw the cooking plans out the window and get takeout.

Check out the sample two-week menu provided by Choose My Plate, full of delicious healthy options that are sure to please a variety of palates.

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