2016 Fitness Trends

It’s time to see what’s in this season. For fitness that is. 2016 is now in full swing and there are health trends that have emerged and taken their place above the rest. From wearable technology to body weight training new and innovative ways to get healthy are here.See if you’ve taken part in the new trends already, or if there’s something you want to hop on board with.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is a new trend that many people are partaking in. The brand, pricing,and functionality range depending on the wearable technology you choose to purchase, as well as your fitness goals and needs. 


In general, trackers measure the steps you have taken so that they can calculate the overall distance walked and calories burned. More advanced wearable technology can give you even more data including your activity duration and intensity, your sleep quality, or keep track of your fitness goals including food and activity logs. Find out if wearable technology is for you.

Body Weight Training

Gaining popularity now is the old school practice of body weight training. With this method of exercise you use your own body weight to train and exercise your muscles. Some of the most well known body weight training exercises includes push-up and pull-ups.


The majority of bodywork exercises can be progressed or regressed to match whatever level the individual is at. There are many upsides of body weight training including the lowered risk of injury compared to using free weights or machines, as well as the convenience of not having to access equipment.


This ancient art form has experienced a rise in popularity over the last decade. Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice that originated in India. It includes a variety of postures and poses that can increase your flexibility, strength, breathing, blood flow, and more.


Yoga can be very physically demanding, but there are varying skill levels you can partake in. There are also many different types of yoga that you can try. For example, hot yoga is a new phenomenon that many people have come to love. It involves doing traditional yoga poses in a heated room so that muscle resistance can be relieved without any injury.

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