To FitBit or Not FitBit? That’s The Question


Wearable technology is on the rise, everything from Google Glass to Apple Watch, but perhaps the most popular is fitness equipment. You’ve probably seen the commercials. What amounts to a high-tech, stylish pedometer, averages in price around $120 from companies like Jawbone, Apple, and Garmin. So perhaps the price the alone isn’t worth it. After all, you can measure your own heartbeat, right?

But while there’s the initial cost, the benefits of fitness trackers may pay for themselves. The immediate data these devices provide can help build healthy habits—or at least deliver a good wake-up call.

There isn’t one device that works for everyone; that’s something every individual must discover for themselves. Rather, it’s what you do with the technology.


For the fitness initiate, these devices can serve as reminders of how much you’re not moving. Those who work in offices are particularly prone to the sedentary lifestyle.


After subtracting your early morning routine and the walk to and from the car, it’s an almost forgone conclusion you aren’t taking many steps. That means you aren’t burning as many calories or working as many muscles. Even if you’re working out after hours, your step count may still disappoint.

Instead, use that counter as digital motivation for a stroll around the office or, better yet, outside the building. That’s additional movement you wouldn’t have otherwise. In addition, you’ll also feel the psychological benefits to changing environments. A little change of scenery does wonders for your energy levels.

Fitness trackers don’t just appeal to newbies, though. The seasoned fitness lover can still use these devices. Even the most active people have their weaknesses. A two-hours-per-day runner can still spend the exact same amount or more sitting on the couch watching Netflix.


Keeping track of steps or heartbeats can serve as reminders to keep moving, even if for a short walk through the neighborhood or treadmill. The former may be more difficult due to wintry weather, but the concept still remains. Walk upstairs. Knock out a set of pushups. Do something. Just keep moving.

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