This is a Germ’s World

Germs and bacteria can sometimes seem like an abstract and distant threat. Although we know they can make us sick, many of us tend to go about our day without giving our constant contact with them a second thought. We touch multiple surfaces and then proceed to frequently touch our own faces and other people. Here are some of the dirtiest places around, and how to combat the germs and health risks within them.

Public Bathrooms

Germs are prominent on virtually every surface in public restrooms. These types of germs include intestinal bacteria like E.coli. Many people assume that it is the toilet seats themselves that contain the most germs, but this is incorrect.


The main risk of any infection, or contact with bacteria comes from the stall door and the sink handles. It is common to touch these germy surfaces, and then unconsciously touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. To combat bathroom germs be sure to wash your hands for a full 15 to 20 seconds, and then avoid touching any surfaces. Use a paper towel to turn off the faucet, and to open the door before leaving.


Germs thrive on airplanes because there are so many people in close contact for hours at a time. In these types of environments germs tend to breed. Having a neighbor with a bad couch could affect you more than you know.


It is common for upper respiratory viruses and intestinal bacteria to spread over the course of a flight. In addition, many surfaces throughout airplanes harbor germs. The seat trays use to hold your drinks and snacks are not always cleaned, and can have a buildup of bacteria. This warning is applied to onboard lavatories. To combat airplane germs disinfect your seat when you board the plane. Wipe the arms, tray and window with an antiseptic wipe, and carry on hand sanitizer to kill any bathroom germs.


When visiting hotels, sometimes people’s biggest fears are that they are laying down and sleeping on unwashed sheets. However, the true threat of germs are in the bathroom and on contaminated surfaces.


In many hotels, the bathrooms are not always properly cleaned, sometimes not being wiped down with the proper disinfectants. Even more concerning are the surfaces commonly not wiped down at all like doorknobs and the telephone. To combat hotel germs, ask for a new room if the one you have entered does not seem clean. Also, bring your own disinfectant spray to clean nightstand, telephone, bathroom counters, and all other surfaces you will come into contact with.

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