The Wisdom of Wine

Pouring yourself a glass of wine may have more benefits than just a tasty accompaniment to dinner. From zinfandel to chardonnay, wine has been documented to have a positive effect on our bodies. That’s right! This age old fruit of the vine has a lot to offer to your heart, bones, and blood cells. So wine lovers, pour yourself a glass and read more about all the ways wine is helping your health.

Healthy Heart

Several reports have established that wine, in moderation, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Wine also dilates arteries and increases blood flow. 


This lowers the risk of blood clots- specifically the kind that can damage your heart and muscles. In addition, wine can boost the “good” cholesterol and reduce the “bad” cholesterol from lining your arteries.This study has shown In the long term these protected arties can prevent potential health problems like heart disease and stroke.


Cancer Blocker

Wine has also been known to protect against many common forms of cancer. The same compounds that can protect us against heart disease can slow down the growth of breast cancer cells. 

Phenols, a type of  carbolic acid found in wine can suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells. In addition, an antioxidant in wine called resveratrol can stop the growth of liver cancer cells. In particular, studies have found that red wines are generally loaded with a variety of antioxidants that naturally boost our bodies cancer fighting abilities.

Stronger Bones

Two to three glasses of wine a day can help strengthen your bones. Studies suggest that  more moderate drinkers can lower their risk of osteoporosis, a bone thinning process that occurs due to calcium loss. 


This is a natural age related process that occurs in many people’s bodies.Those who drink about 10 to 30 grams of alcohol a day have a much greater bone mineral density. This means that bone strength and resilience is stronger. Although these studies have been proven to specifically benefit women, they have also shown to have positive effects on men as well.

Although these are great health benefits, don’t expect your doctors to whip out their prescription pads for wine. Moderate drinkers see many of these impressive health benefits, but for those who are non-drinkers, it is not advised to begin drinking. Neighbors Emergency Center supports your start to a healthier lifestyle. NEC has just opened up a Neighbors in McAllen, Texas! Our new center is located on 6700 N. 10th Street, McAllen, TX 78504.We are so excited to serve the McAllen community! Check our Facebook page to stay updated on what Neighbors is doing and new center openings. With our 24 hour emergency rooms throughout the Houston metro area, we can treat you quickly and effectively so you can get back to doing what you love.

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