The Ultimate Workout for Your Brain

Do you ever find yourself straining to remember simple things? Like someone’s name that you’ve met several times. Or forgetting the item you popped into the grocery store for? Well, don’t be alarmed. Many people experience difficulty with short-term memory. The hippocampus, the part of our brain responsible for short-term memory, is vulnerable to aging and shrinks yearly after the age of 40. What some people don’t realize is that the brain is an organ that can grow as well. Anyone (outside of those with Alzheimer’s) can grow their hippocampus in a period of only three short months. Here are some methods to exercise and improve your brain health.

Write It Down- More Than Once

If you’re given any type of instruction, write everything out. From college students with test to working professionals with extensive to do lists, the more you write it down, the more your brain will catch on and remember. And no cheating on this either.


Don’t use your notepad on your phone, or type up the items you need to remember. Pen and paper are the best method. Once you write it down, write it down again.

Memorize Names

At many social events we tend to meet people and move on, discarding their names in the back of our minds. For the next social gathering that you attend, attempt to memorize the names of at least 10 guests. Focus on the name of each person you meet. You can also identify them with certain facial characteristics to help yourself out.


Then at the next social gathering you attend memorize 15 names. Then at the next 20. You can memorize a lot more names than you think! And your brain will thank you for the fun workout.

Repeat What You Want to Remember- Over and Over

Repeating what you need to remember over and over before your next task can help you keep track of important items and prioritize them. If you get a request to send an email to someone, or you need to remember to pick up milk from the store, this method is very helpful and will improve your memory for the future. This method works well if you have a fast paced job.

Turn Off Your GPS

Yes, you heard correctly. Shut down that GPS and use your brain to navigate. This method works if you are visiting a new location. You will of course use your GPS to arrive, but when you are leaving try and use your memory to get back home.


Know that you will do this before you leave for your destination so you can take time to memorize the route as best you can on your way there. Although this may seem difficult, you’ll be surprised at how well your brain will be able to memorize your way around.

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