Sleep Sound – Remedy Your Snoring

When you snore it may not bother you, but it may bother the person sleeping next you. Our beauty sleep is invaluable, and snoring can cost precious time that could be spend slumbering.
Snoring happens when the throat, or nasal passage is constricted in an unnatural way. Snoring can happen at any point in your life, and can intensify with age, or weight gain. Here are some ways to nix you, or your partner’s snoring habits naturally.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Certain sleep positions can lead to more snoring. Positions, such as lying on your back, can cause your tongue and soft palate to press against the back of your throat, leading to snoring. Try turning your body to the right, or left, and sleeping on your side.


This may help change the positioning and pressure in your throat, causing snoring to stop. Continuously sleeping on your side throughout the night may be difficult if you are most used to lying on your back. Invest in a full body pillow that can provide support, and keep you on your side during the night.

Change out Your Pillows

Allergens that are in your bedroom can contribute to snoring. Ask yourself when is the last time you dusted the ceiling fan, or replaced your actual pillows? Pillows accumulate dust mites that can cause allergic reactions, which in turn leads to snoring.


If you have pets, and you let them sleep with you, their dander may be contributing as well. You should replace your pillows once every six months to keep dust mites and allergens low. If you choose to purchase a specific pillow to help with snoring, be cautious when shopping. Some pillows may prop up your head and fix nasal issues, but can cause neck pain.

Avoid Alcohol and Stay Hydrated

Drinking alcohol near bedtime can result in the resting tone of muscles in the back of throat being reduced. This will make it much more likely that you snore. If you already snore, drinking alcohol four to five hours before you sleep will make your snoring worse. And those who do not already snore, will probably do so.


In addition, dehydration in both the mouth and nose can cause snoring. Dehydration leads to your mouth and nose becoming coated with sticky secretions.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

When you have poor sleeping habits, or hygiene, the effects can be similar to drinking alcohol. If you work extremely long hours, or have a lifestyle that leaves you without enough sleep, it could lead to excessive snoring. Because your body is overtired, when you finally hit the sack you may sleep so hard, and so deep that your muscles become floppy. This can cause snoring to induced.

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