Salty Satisfaction- Curb Your Cravings

From french fries, to veggies, it always seems like the solution to fixing food that is too bland is to add a dash of salt. But for the salt lovers out there who don’t just stop at a dash, is your salt intake harming your body? Cutting back the amount of salt you consume can be crucial, as the common practice of using too much salt can cause negative affects on your body. From daily health issues, to more serious, life threatening issues, these are reasons from Women’s Health to set down the salt shaker.

Feeling Bloated

Too much sodium will result in your body retaining excess fluid. This excess fluid will cause you not only to feel extremely bloated, but look bloated as well.

Blood Pressure Rising

There is a direct correlation between your salt intake, and your blood pressure. The more sodium that you have in your body, the higher blood pressure you will have.


You’ll Crave More

Eating overly salty foods, can make you want even more! Over time you will develop a preference for salt and your body will start craving it.


Your Kidney’s get Hit

When you have high blood pressure it can lead to kidney failure. It has even been recorded that salt intake is what leads to the beginning of kidney problems in the first place.

Brain Troubles

Over time an increase in blood pressure can also lead to problems with your brain. The combination of a high-salt diet, and a sedentary lifestyle is linked to a cognitive decline in old age.

Increase Heart Disease Risk

High sodium is directly linked to cardiovascular disease. And the excess salt in your diet greatly heightens the risk of cardiovascular disease for diabetes.


To satisfy your salty cravings eat snacks like sunflower seeds, pistachios, and mini whole-wheat pretzels. These snacks curb your need for salty meals while delivering antioxidants and nutrients.
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