Pregnancy Myths and Facts

Pregnant women hear a large amount of advice on a daily basis. From birthing plans, to which products to use for your child, there seems to be a question (and answer) for everything. However, when it comes to health and fitness, there are some common myths that people promote. Start separating fact from fiction and learn what your pregnant lifestyle means for you.

Myth- You can’t start exercising now

You may have heard that if you are not normally active, starting an exercise plan once you become is pregnant is dangerous. This is in fact, a myth (with limitations). Once you become pregnant, there is nothing wrong with being more active. In fact, it is encouraged.


Inactivity can lead to a plethora of unnecessary health problems including high-blood pressure, excessive weight gain, aches & pain, and more. Of course, do not start training for a triathalon! Anything excessively strenuous is discouraged. However, some sort of physical daily activity is important and can keep you physically and mentally very healthy!

Myth- Eat for Two!

The phrase “I’m eating for two” as been used commonly in society as it pertains to the diet of pregnant women. Although you are growing an additional person inside of you, you still must be mindful about what you are putting inside of your body.


In addition your baby is very small. When you “eat for two” it does not mean that you should double your meals. It is recommended that in the last six months of pregnancy women should be consuming an extra 300 calories per day. In the same notion, pregnancy is not a time to begin dieting either. You can run the risk of denying your baby the nutrients he or she needs.

Fact- You know your body best

When it comes to your pregnancy, always trust your gut on what you should, and should not do. If you want to begin exercising, go for it! If your normally exercise a large amount, but feel you need to cut back, listen to your body.


What is most important it to stay healthy, and ask your physician if you have any questions. Congratulations, and good luck!
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