New Year, New You: The top 3 New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them

Every January about one in three Americans make resolutions that they feel will better themselves for the new year. Although New Year’s resolutions may be fun and exciting to make, they are sometimes very difficult to keep. Despite our best intentions, studies have found that only about 46% of people are still on target for the goals they set six months into the year. It may be difficult to hold true to your resolutions, but by no means is it impossible. Here are some of the top resolutions made during new year, and tips on how to keep them.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions that people commit to. However, with this resolution it is important to realize that you will not gain success overnight. There are many alluring New Year


advertisements promoting quick fixes, but you should beware of these. Plan on your weight loss being a long, and sometimes difficult, but rewarding journey that will take some time. Include a support system to help keep you on track as well. Weeks four to six can be especially difficult, and are the beginning of excuses and reverting back to old habits. Plan on bumps in the road, and stay focused towards your ultimate goal.

Quit Smoking

Sometimes it seems as though you have tried, and failed to quit smoking too many times to count. However, if you talk to an ex-smoker, you will often find that it does take multiple attempts of quitting to finally be successful with this goal.


You may have to try a plethora of different methods before you find something that actually works for you. Once you find what works for you, and you succeed in your resolution to quit, not only will your body and health be in much better shape, but your wallet will be much fuller with the money you’re saving.

Saving Money

Saving more money can seem like a fairly simple resolution to make, but as with most habits, this one may die hard. It can be difficult to switch your lifestyle around to save more. To be successful with this resolution consider making a new budget


for the year 2016, and evaluating your spending habits from 2015. Find areas where you can cut back, such as eating out, and considering saving more for things of importance to you, like vacations. You could also consider downloading an app to help you every day along the way.

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