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You brush for three minutes twice a day. You see the dentist every six months. But dental hygiene goes beyond the basic recommendations. Here are some things you don’t do but should.

Brush your whole mouth, not just your teeth. Bacteria accumulate just as much on the gums, tongue, and roof of the mouth as they do on the teeth. Bacteria on the tongue is also the biggest cause of bad breath.

Floss every day. Most people don’t do it, but it’s really important. Flossing removes bacteria that your toothbrush can’t get to. It’s especially important to floss before bedtime. You produce little saliva when you sleep, so for those several hours the bacteria in your mouth gets washed away at a much lower rate. Flossing before going to sleep will keep your mouth clean during that risky period

Get the right equipment. Always use fluoride toothpaste: fluoride is excellent at preventing cavities. Use toothbrushes with soft bristles as they clean more effectively and aren’t as hard on your teeth and gums. Buy the wider varieties of floss: they will clean a greater surface area of your tooth (of course, the available space between your teeth will limit the width of floss you can comfortably use).

Keep your brush clean. Toothbrushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. That means you can get sick from brushing your teeth—unless you keep your brush clean. Rinse it thoroughly after you brush. You might even want to soak it in antibacterial mouthwash to ensure you’ve gotten rid of all that mouth bacteria. Store it upright in air; that dark, wet, airless medicine cabinet is perfect for mold and bacteria. Remember to replace your toothbrush regularly and after illnesses.

Remember that Neighbors Emergency Center is available to handle any oral or other medical emergency any time, any day. Our board certified physicians provide excellent 24 hour emergency care in Houston and Austin so you can get healthy quickly.

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