Just Breath: Meditation for Beginners

Do you have 2 minutes? That’s all the time you need to start your path to meditation. Meditation is a mental exercise where you spend time in quiet thought for contemplation, relaxation, and reflection. It is a way to understand your mind, help you overcome stress, and find inner peace and balance. There are multiple tactics, reasons, and goals for meditating. So when you have a moment, break away from your hectic day and try some of these meditation tips for beginners.

Sit down for two minutes each morning

It may seem like a simple feat to sit and meditate for only two minutes, but it may prove more difficult than you think. Be sure to make time in the morning to meditate.


It’s easy to make a plan to do so the night before, and then unintentionally get caught in the hectic morning rush. Remind yourself that you need to take these two minutes before you start your day. You can do something as simple as placing a note on your bathroom counter. .

Focus on breathing and count your breaths

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit and counting your breaths. Place all of your attention on this. Breath in. Breath out. Focus on the way air comes into your lungs.


Now focus on the way you exhale and how the air is leaving your body. As you do this count your breathing. When you breath in count “one”. When you breath out count “two”. Keep counting and concentrating on your motion and pattern of breathing. Once you reach ten, you can restart. During this time your mind may wander. This is natural, as our brains tend to buzz nonstop. From thinking about emails we have to answer when we get to work to what we will prepare for dinner, a lot of things may pop up. When and if this happens, don’t be discouraged. Just gently return yourself to the meditation at hand. Remember there is no wrong or right way to meditate. As long as you feel fulfilled and happy, you are reaching your purpose of meditation.

Know yourself and identify with your thoughts and feelings

As you continue to grow in your meditation you may begin extending the time period to 5 minutes, 10 minutes and then 20 minutes. The more you grow in committing to this exercise the more you can begin to focus on the thoughts and feelings that surface.


Sometimes the goal of meditation is to simply relax and clear your mind as best you can. However, there may be times when specific emotions arise. Don’t be afraid to stay with these feelings and see where they lead you. Use this time to learn to understand yourself as your mind wanders. Are you anxious? Frustrated? Restless? Learn to greet these feelings in a friendly way, and then accept and love yourself after you have identified them.

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