Fight your Fitness Freakouts

It can be hard not to be negative or self conscious when you first begin a new fitness class. Whether it’s cycling, yoga, or kickboxing it can seem scary to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. But don’t let those first-time fears hold you back! Try everything until you find something that you love. And in the meantime, eliminate those thoughts in the back of your mind that can stop you from truly experiencing the new fitness journey you want try. Keep your attitude positive and combat your negative thoughts with the reality of what you came to do. Get fit!

“I’ll just find a spot in the back”

When you first walk into a class you may find it intimidating, but resist the urge to find a back corner and hide. You won’t be doing yourself any favors by trying to take in the experience from afar.


Suppress those jitters and place yourself square in the middle of it all. This way you will be able to clearly view the instructor, and be able to see the mirror to ensure that you have the correct form. If that seems difficult, do yourself a favor and bring a friend! If you are both newbies you shouldn’t rely on each other for fitness expertise, but it will help ease any anxiety you have about the experience.

“I can’t do that! I should just leave.”

From the seemingly impossible yoga positions, to 20 pound dumbbells, it may seem like whatever class you are in they are asking you to do the impossible. But it’s important to remember that it’s not a competition. There is no need to compare yourself to the person next to you.


Focus on your own personal workout and you will feel accomplished. You also have to remember to adjust accordingly to the level that you are at. You could end up hurting yourself grabbing weights that are too heavy, or forcing your body to perform in a way it’s not yet ready for. Never do anything you’re not comfortable with and always ask your instructors if you are not sure. They will always be happy to help you!

“Oh gosh. Look at those super-fit regulars”

Many popular fitness fads have a following. However, that is nothing to be intimidated by. Remember, at one point in time everyone was new to whatever you are trying out. Instead of viewing them as intimidating, or shying away, strike up conversation.


Ask them how long they have been attending class and what their favorite thing about it is. Regulars are more than likely going to take you under their wings and show you the ropes! And making a few fitness friends is always helpful motivation to make it to class!

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