Dessert or Breakfast

As most of us have already been told, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives us the energy we need to carry us through until lunchtime. But, have you ever truly stopped to evaluate what breakfast foods you’re eating, and the amount of sugar within that item? Although most Americans believe that certain staple breakfast foods are healthy, or “not that bad”, the truth is in the label.

Muffins OR Cupcake

The average muffin has 46 grams of sugar and 510 calories. Compare this to a vanilla cupcake with frosting which has 34 grams of sugar and is 400 calories.


Yogurt OR Ice Cream

The average serving of yogurt has 15 grams of sugar and is 130 calories. Compare this to a serving of vanilla ice cream which has 14 grams of sugar and 140 calories.


Pancakes OR Cake

The average serving of pancakes is 55 grams of sugar and 940 calories. Compare this to a sizable piece of chocolate cake which has 51 grams of sugar and 1,679 calories.

Granola Bars OR Candy Bars

The average granola bar is 12 grams of sugar and 170 calories. Compare this to a fun sized candy bar with 14 grams of sugar and 120 calories.


Juice OR Soda

The average serving of fruit juice has 23 grams of sugar and 136 calories. Compare this to the average serving of a soft drink with 39 grams of sugar and 150 calories.


Granola OR Cookies

The average serving of natural granola has 26 grams of sugar and 420 calories. Compare this to 5 oreo cookies with 25 grams of sugar and 266 calories.


You can combat all these sugary breakfast meals by examining the labels, and making healthier choices. Cereals such as plain cheerios and Fiber One have little, to no added sugar. There are also certain yogurts, like Siggi’s that have up to 50% less sugar that popular brands. You can also eat nutrient-rich items such as eggs, fruits and vegetables for breakfast.

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