Busted! Filtering through Nutrition Myths

Nutrition myths are all around us. Sometimes we can pinpoint where they are from (unstable research from the 70’s) and sometimes it seems as if there origin can’t be traced. Regardless we can tend to live our lives cautiously because of them. But which nutrient facts are simply myths? And is there a grain of truth to some of them? Filter through all the myths and find out for yourself. 

High Fructose Corn Syrup is much worse than sugar

This a myth that may perhaps sound true due to the scary combination of words that make such an intense sounding ingredient. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is no more harmful to your health than that of regular sugar. High-fructose corn syrup was created to mimic the taste of sucrose, or as you may know it table sugar. Therefore, its composition can be labeled as identical. So they next time you are filling up your shopping cart there is no need to be extra wary of HFCS. However, you should be aware of the amount of sugar in what you are purchasing as consuming large amounts of sweeteners can be a health risk.

Carbohydrates are the leading cause of love handles

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing inherently fattening about carbs. This may sound strange after so many “low-carb” diets have circulated and become popular. 


However, when it comes to weight gain, or finding the cause of being overweight, the simple fact is it a result of eating too many calories. Now, there is no question that loading up on carbs like pasta and doughnuts can cause you health problems, or weight gain, but there are also many “good carbs.” Foods such as whole grains, beans, and some fruits and veggies are needed as fuel for your body.

Microwaving food zaps the nutrients out of it

Heat is heat. Whether you are microwaving your food, grilling it, or making it on the stove, it’s the amount of time it spends on the heat that is going to affect the nutrient loss. 


The longer you cook a food, or the hotter the temperature you cook it on, is what you should pay attention to. There are water sensitive nutrients in some foods, such as vitamin C, or vitamin B. These can get lost depending on your cooking method. If anything, microwaving your food is more helpful in saving  nutrients because it minimizes nutrient loss with such a short cook time.

You should occasionally detox and cleanse your body of all toxins

Cleansing diets and drinks have gained popularity, but according to most medical professionals they are unnecessary. Your body is complex and very smart, and has it’s own perfectly designed way of removing toxins from your body.


Your liver, spleen, and kidneys were all created to carry out this job. There is no evidence at all that refraining from eating, or only drinking juice, helps them function any better than they already do.

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