Beat Fatigue


Feeling exhausted all the time? Struggling to get through those long afternoons without collapsing onto your desk? Fatigue is a very common problem in today’s society, and it damages your mood, productivity, and quality of life. Fortunately, these simple lifestyle changes can help you start feeling energized again.

Get more sleep. This one is obvious. Get your full eight hours so you don’t get sleepy during the day.

Eat more, eat better. Eat to keep your blood sugar up throughout the day. That means eating whole wheat, protein, and food with iron. Avoid eating white bread or pasta.

Cut back on caffeine. In addition to making you jittery, causing headaches, and being generally bad for you, caffeine messes with your blood sugar levels. Consume too much of it and you’ll actually feel tired.

Drink more water. Even slight dehydration can make you exhausted. Drink as much as you can. Try to keep your urine as light as possible.

Exercise more. It’s the last thing you want to do when you’re fatigued, but exercise has consistently been shown to boost energy levels. Instead of taking a nap when you get home from work, go jogging.

Fatigue can also be a symptom of more severe health problems, like anemia, hypothyroidism, or diabetes. In these cases, it’s important to get help. If extreme fatigue strikes unexpectedly, come by Neighbors Emergency Center. We provide 24 hour emergency care in Houston and Austin, so we can help you through your health problems whenever they arise.

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