A Smile A Day Keeps Your Mood At Bay

Let’s be honest. Sometimes putting a smile on your face can be a difficult thing. Whether you’re sitting in traffic frustrated, or replaying an argument that’s been bothering you, sometimes it feels as if your mood just won’t allow for it. However, when we are feeling less chipper, it can be helpful to our health to choose to put a smile on our faces. Research has shown that by simply smiling, positive changes start to occur automatically, both internally and externally. A random smile could change your world, and someone else’s.

Smiling can Improve your Mood

Our facial expressions not only communicate how we currently feel, but they also have the ability to influence our mood. Our emotions start in our brains, but muscles in our face can reinforce our feels, or transform them.


A person’s mood can shift to realign with the facial expressions they are communicating. You can also fake it until you make it. Even a forced smile can still end up making you feel happy. Just a brief period of smiling, no many how falsified it may feel, can provide positive mood benefits.

Smiling Can Train Your Brain to Be Positive

The brain naturally thinks in more negative terms as a built in defense mechanism. If  you choose to continually smile, the mind can move into a more positive space and stay there. The more you do it, the longer hold you will have on that positive space.


By making smiling a consistent part of your everyday life you can create loops of happiness that encourage more positive thinking. Eventually you will create a positive brain pattern. Just as an athlete has to train to stay in shape, our brains have to be trained to stay positive.

Give A Smile, and You’ll Get One Back

Have you ever noticed that if you smile at a coworker or family member, they return the smile back? This can be explained scientifically.


We all have mirror neurons, which are cells in the cortex that activate when we perform an action, or when we witness someone else performing an action. In simple terms, these neurons help us understand others by imitation. So that’s why when your boss smiles at you, you mirror a smile back.

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