7 Summertime Pool Safety Tips

School is out, the sun is shining, and the kiddos are ready to play. For most families summertime means pool time. Whether you are heading to your local swimming pools, a water park, or simply the backyard,  it’s important to be aware of pool safety tips for you and your children. Check out these quick, yet important tips if you have children who are going to be in the water this summer.

1-If you have younger or inexperienced swimmers, it is important to swim in areas designated with supervised lifeguards. The importance of trained lifeguards in a life threatening situation is pivotal to the safety of all those at the pool.


2-Be sure to never leave your child alone near, or in the water. Furthermore, do not entrust one child with the safety of another. Teach your children to ask for permission before going near the water.

3-If your family loves spending time by the pool in the summer, be sure that everyone in your family learns how to properly swim. Enroll all your children (and yourself!) in age-appropriate swim courses.


4-Avoid distractions when you are supervising the little ones at the pool. Refrain from using your cellphone, or leaving the swimming pool area. It is important to always maintain constant supervision.

5-Have the proper safety equipment before you allow the children in the pool. Have your cell phone within reach, proper throwing equipment, life jackets, and a first aid kit.


6-If you have an at home pool be sure it is secured with barriers. Children who drown in backyard pools were out of sight for less than five minutes on average. There were also one to two parents present at the time of drownings.

7-If you have a pool at home establish and enforce rules and safety behavior that must be followed. Examples of this would be always having a swimming buddy, no diving allowed, no running, stay away from the drains, etc.

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