5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Beautiful

As we get older, it’s only natural that we begin to see natural changes in our skin. From wrinkles to sun spots, our skin changes gradually during our day to day life. However, with the proper skin care, and some dermatology secrets, you can learn how to keep your skin glowing and fresh!

Drink Tea

Drinking three to five cups of tea a day can act as a safeguard and protect your skin. Some research suggest that certain types of tea, such as green and black tea, contain protective compounds like theaflavins and EGCG, that can prevent skin cancers.


These compounds can also break down collagen, one of the main causes of wrinkles.

Plump up by Pumping Up

Strength training is a way to get firmer skin from the neck down. This is because as a result of lifting weights, you build supportive muscle tone.In a sense your are adding volume onto your body. 


This is particularly useful as you get older, and skin begins to wrinkle or sag.

Say No to Sweets

The collagen in our skin is what keeps it smooth and firm. When you eat too much sugar, it breaks down within your body during a process called glycation. This damages the collagen in your skin. To prevent excessive glycation, stick to eating low-glycemic carbs such as whole grains, as they are naturally low in sugar.

Relax your Skin

High levels of stress can spike hormone levels and lead to breakouts. Although it’s easier said than done, if you can control your stress levels, you can keep your skin calm. Include some zen time for your skin in your nightly regiment. Take time out to apply a facemask, and relax on the bed. Also, getting a good night’s sleep can be extremely helpful as well.

Protect your Skin

Keep your skin protected from the sun on a daily basis. When you are using sunscreen, make sure that you layer it on. Use at least ½ teaspoon and to thoroughly coat your face, necks, and ears.


Then reapply again. Protecting your skin from UV rays is one of the best ways to keep your skin youthful and bright.

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