4 Tips for Long Term Health

When it comes to diet and exercise, long term health should always be a goal we keep in mind. Our bodies need certain nutrients to to help us function not only now, but in the future as we age as well. Here is the overall picture of what nutrients and diet our bodies need. Find the things that you have been doing well, and the things you may need to improve in!

Eat Fruits & Veggies

Fruit can sometime get a bad reputation of being too sugary. This statement reigns true when it come to fruit juices, smoothies, and dried fruit, which commonly have concentrated fructose. 


However, in it’s natural form fruit contains antioxidants, and excellent quality fiber. But, when you are eating fruit don’t overdo it. Have between one and three pieces daily. Vegetables are full of nutrients and beneficial compounds. They should be the superstars of your diet . They provide us with powerful antioxidants and can reduce your risk for disease.

Eat the Right Amount of Proteins

Eating the right amount of protein is difficult. There is a hard balance between not eating too much, but also not eating too little. In addition, you also want to eat the right kinds of proteins. 


Protein-rich foods include the following: meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, eggs, beans and nuts & seeds. All proteins have pros and cons, but in general it is important not to over eat any of them. In addition you should always buy the best quality protein that you can, and prepare it properly.

Cut out Starchy Carbs

It is fine to enjoy a pastry from time to time, but starchy carbs are not meant to be heavily incorporated into our diets. Cake, or more specifically white sugar and flour, have been somewhat implemented into food groups. The reality is we should be replacing these starchy carbs with foods that are actually rich in nutrients, such as vegetables.  

Eat Good Fats

There are many good fats that are beneficial to our bodies. Foods such as avocados, olive oil, and nuts are omega-3 and omega-6 fats. These fats help us with our immunity, brain health, gut control, and more. 


Check your diet to be sure these important fats are making it into your body.

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