3 Reasons Your Diet is Not Working

Dieting can be difficult. It can feel even more difficult when we don’t see the results that we are striving so hard to achieve. So, what gives? Why is it so difficult to shed those extra pounds? If you exercising consistently, the key may be to really examine what you are, or are not eating. Take a look at three reasons why your diet may not be working.

You’re not eating enough food

When you are attempting to lose weight, you begin by changing your diet and eating a little bit less than normal. However, many people tend to cut out everything. From only eating fruits and vegetables, to skipping meals altogether, dieting can be taken to the extreme. 


However, this will do more harm than good. Your body may go into “survival mode” and store extra fat because it is consuming less calories. This will make it even harder to reach your goal of losing weight. Not eating enough food can also lead to binge eating, or overeating. This means that you are so hungry from your lack of food that eventually you end up eating anything that will satisfy your cravings. Neither of these are helpful in losing weight and keeping it off. Instead, investigate and find out how many calories your body does need. Use a calorie calculator, or speak with a nutritionist about the amount of food you should be eating.

Your “cheat meals” are setting you back

Dieting all week, only to spend the weekends eating whatever you want, is going to stifle your goal of weight loss. 


You will feel frustrated and overwhelmed from constantly watching what you eat all week long, only to satisfy all your cravings later. Try and keep your calorie intake and meals consistent. Your body will better adjust this way. If you are struggling with food temptations give yourself some leeway during the week so you’re not tempted to overdo it. It’s also important that you don’t save your heaviest meals for last. Eat a heartier breakfast and lunch, as you are more likely to burn those calories off during the day. When you save your biggest meal for the evening, there is less of chance you will lose those calories, as you are going to sleep soon.

You’re meal plan is not productive

Some foods that you are incorporating into your new diet may be misleading. For example, if you are now eating a lot of fat free products, you may be consuming way more sugar. 


Packaged food that is advertised as “fat free”, “organic”, or, “high protein” tend to make you feel like you are making healthier choices than you really are. These labels hide the added sugar substituted into the product. Read every label carefully. When it comes to losing weight, you want to watch your sugar intake closely. You should also avoid processed foods. These food overstimulate our brains, and make it difficult to regulate what we are eating. That doesn’t mean your only choice of snacking falls on broccoli. You can make your own healthy versions of the foods you like. For example, if you love fruit roll ups, make your own by blending your favorite fruit, spreading, and freezing it. Then cut them into strips, and take them on the go. Your tastebuds will be just as satisfied.

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